Cycle & Rollerblade Trail

Central Park Abuja

The CYCLE TRAIL is the perfect place to enjoy your solo time, bonding moments and engage in conversations.
To experience fun in the most affordable way, grab someone you love and come along with them for a Bicycle or Skate Date. They could be your friend, sibling, family, co-worker, lover etc

You can also bring your scooters, roller skates or skateboard.

There are Bicycles to rent for toddlers, kids, & adults to rent.

As for those that cant ride, no worries, we have trained coaches avaiable on special request. They can teach you or your little ones with a flexible schedule. Just send us a message through our Customer Support contact.


Rent A Bike 20Mins: N2,500
B.Y.O.B (Bring your bicycle) 1hour N5,000

Skate & Roll

Bring your Rollerblade/Skateboard

Cycle Trail

Central Park Abuja

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Central Park Abuja

Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business area,
Beside Kebbi hotel (Former GSM village).
P: +234 809 272 2852

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