About Go-Karting

Unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton with our first of its kind 500m Go-Kart racing track! Located at Central Park Abuja, the Bush Riders Go-Kart race is perfect for Friends, Families and even individuals looking for a fun and thrilling place to hangout.

We have various kinds of Karts to suit the needs of all our customers – Junior Karts, Adult Karts and even karts made for professionals; You can be sure to get exactly what you want safety wise and speed wise.

Just Drive!

Every champion starts in a kart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know need a drivers license to ride a Go-Kart?

No you don’t. Riding a Go-Kart is much easier than an actual car and you’ll be briefed on how to ride by a member of our team.

What should I wear when coming to Go-Kart?

Everyone who wishes to ride on our track must wear covered shoes. We also recommend that you wear comfortable trousers. However, we do have overalls available at an extra cost which you can use to ride.

How long does a Go-Kart ride take?
  • It all depends on the speed at which you race but typically, it takes 6-12 minutes for a complete ride. Each ride on our track consists of 5 laps.
How long is your Go-Kart track?

Our track is 500 meters long!

How much is a Go-Kart Ride?

Go-Kart rides cost N5,000 for adults & N3,000 for children under the age of 16! However, if a the child is 5ft or taller, he/she will have to use an adult kart and pay the adult fee of N5,000.

Can children ride a Go-Kart?

Yes. Children from the age of 7 can ride in our Go-karts.

Is signing the waiver compulsory?

Yes it is. Without a signed waiver, you will be unable to ride on our track.

How does the go-kart work?

All persons who wish to ride at Bush-Riders must sign a waiver. You can view a copy of the waiver here. Once you’ve signed the waiver and paid for your Go-Kart ride, you will be given a safety briefing by a member of our team. Once you’ve had the briefing and you’ll be all set to ride!


7 Mins – N10,000
EXTRA 7 Mins – N6,500

*13 years & above

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Central Park Abuja

Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business area,
Beside Kebbi hotel (Former GSM village).
P: +234 809 272 2852
[email protected]

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Before you get on the track..

Here are a few basic safety rules and regulations you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times
  • Long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail
  • Keep hands on the steering wheel and feet inside at all times
  • Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions cannot Go-Kart
  • Respect the flags at all times. Our flag men are located around the track and they use flags to communicate important instructions to race drivers.
    1. The YELLOW flag means slow down and be at alert as there may be a potential hazard on the course.
    2. The RED flag means stop! Immediately stop your kart wherever you may be on the course as something has gone wrong within the race track and is being sorted out.
    3. The BLUE flag informs you that you are about to be passed by a faster driver and you should make way for him/her to go through.
    4. The WHITE flag signifies the end of the race and you would be directed to the pit area where a pit crew would be ready to receive you.
    5. The GREEN flag is used to signal the start of the race. Our flag men also use it to encourage you to keep moving.
    6. The BLACK flag is used when you intentionally bump into other karts in an attempt to slow them down or you intentionally bump into the race barriers. When you are shown this flag, you will be pulled out of the race immediately and there would be no refund
  • In case you miss any of the basic flags, do keep in mind that there are traffic lights located around the track. Green means keep racing, Yellow means slow down and drive with caution while Red means you bring your kart to a complete stop.
  • Our karts come with two pedals. The accelerator is on the right, and the brake is on the left. Never use both pedals at the same time as this will cause you kart engine to come to a complete stop

Go Karting Membership Packages And Pricing

Non Members Basic Standard Team/Family (Max of 5) VVIP

Packages Pricing

25,000 (6 MONTHS) 45,000 (1 YEAR)
100,000 (6 MONTHS) 150,000 (1 YEAR)
500,000 (1 YEAR)
500,000 (1 YEAR)
Membership Card
Free Race At Sign Up
Free Race On Birthday
1 Hour Track Rent At 200,000 N/A
1 Hour Track Rent At 150,000
Skip Waiver Signing
Skip Briefings
1 Free Race Per Month
Free Race (3 Times A Year)
Free Race (3 Times A Year)
No Payment For Shoe Rentals
40% Discount On Races N/A
Free Balaclavas And Gloves
Invites To Members Only Events
Branded T-Shirts
Free Race At Anytime
Free Access To All Areas Of The Park
Automatic Membership At Paintball Arena
Free Helmet Upon Registration
Exclusive Invite To Kart Auction Sales